Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More RR Blocks

Here is another block from the Encrusted RR that I am in over on CQI. This block was fun to do and I think turned out well. The center of the blocks were siggies made from vinatage valentines belonging to Cathy L's mom. She used valentine fabric to round out the blocks. My stash has a limited amount of red, but I think it turned out well in any case. This rr has really stretched my idea of what an encrusted block is. The more goodies you put on the better, not including any seams that you do. I am learning a good bit about encrusting through this rr which is what a rr is supposed to do when you participate. I am learning many new techniques as I go along. One I have used on this block I learned from Gerry K.  you can find her here at olderrose.blogspot.com , you should drop by and check out her blog. She is always doing wonderful things on blocks that she is working on. The heart on the bottom right hand corner is the heart that I used Gerry's technique using felt to  make the motif then attatching it to the block. I think the heart turned out well and I will be using this technique in the future. I used beads, sequins, lace and charms on this block. I hope that Cathy enjoys what I have placed on her block. First pic is of the heart in progress on felt.
Next is the block before my work:
Last but not least is the block after my work is finished.
I also recieved my Winter Theme mini quilt on yesterday. It came all the way from Austia from my partner Sabine. I just love it as it is a snowflake done in blues/whites with a touch of pink in beading around the snowflake petals. It is just wonderful Sabine. Thank you. I will post a pic of the one I did for my partner as soon as she recieves it. Here is mine:
She also sent some wonderful chocolate and it is all gone!lol And it was soooooo wonderfully good. Anyone who knows me knows I love, love, love chocolate. Anyhow I hope to be able to post pics of finished projects soon.

Happy Stitching,

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Cathy L said...

Thank you, Wendy. It's gorgeous. You did a wonderful job of encrusting.

Thanks again.
Cathy L


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