Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What I Have Been Up To

Well I have been working on a few projects as well as being down with the grunge. All better now. My son took very good care of me and made me stay in bed until the fever and other symptoms were gone. I now feel much better. I have been working on some projects and a couple of rr's that I am in. The projects I cannot show you as of yet but, I can show you the rr's. First up is a pic of a block that I worked on for Karen, you can find her here: http://sadiessilkenthreads.blogspot.com/   She wanted her block to be a place for magical fairies and such. I added the silky of the fairy, sre iris's, blooming bush of wysteria and a fairy circle. This is the blank canvas block before any work has been added to it.
I think it turned out well and hope she likes what I have done. I also sent her a little stash enhancement home with her block. Next up is another flower fairy block that I have just worked on for the Flower Fairy 3 rr. I really enjoyed working on this block which belongs to Sandra.
This was a lot of fun to work on and I enjoyed working on a baby fairy block. Not many of those out there. Next is the Heart 3 rr that I am in and this first block is Vicki's block. I love the colors that she chose. Black/Cream/Berry and Silver are the colors and she wanted us to stay within those colors. She also included lots of goodies that we could use to add to her block. I used the berry colored leaves from her stash as well as the charms in the upper left hand corner and the cream colored heart beads on the silky. I have a large stash of heart charms so I used those in silver and black at the top of the heart. I hope she likes what I have added to her block. I have already added the leaves before I remembered to take a before photo of the block. Here is the before:
Here is the block after my work is finished.
I do have more to show, but I need to let them arrive to where they are going first then I can post pics of the gifts and exchanges that I have been in.

Happy Stitching,

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Karen said...

I adore my block and can't wait to see it in person! Thanks so much!! Your work on all the blocks is beautiful, didn't Vicki pick some gorgeous colors??


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