Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I have been up to

Well I have been busy for sure with making lots of small items this month. And of course working on my crazy blocks as well. First are some postcards that I have made. Lots of them too. The first set is a set of 29 and they are called "Monets Countryside" I had this fabric for a long time and never really knew what to do with it. So I decided as it was so pretty and could stand on its own I made some postcards for some swaps I am in. And I still have about two yards of fabric left so I will be making more of these in the future for family I think. The bottom pic shows the different scenes.

Next are my shaker cards that I made for the swap. They turned out good and I really enjoyed making them. A little hard to work with the netting but was worth the effort. Once you get the cards made you put a piece of netting over it and leave one end open , then you add your little goodies and sew shut. Thats it and its all done. I may do a tutorial on how to do the shaker cards.I will definitely be making more shakers in the future.
Next is the Easter non-relg. cards that I made. These were a lot of fun also. I have had this fabric a while also and thought it was fun and would be fun as post cards. I mean everyone loves Charlie Brown and his friends.
Next we have the Easter relg. cards that I made.
Next is my "Love" cards that I sent out. Not Valentines but just cards on Love. Mine said " Love comes in many shapes, forms and fashions. Love great and small always finds us." I think they turned out well.
I also made some napkins for an Easter swap that I was in. They turned out really cute. Using the same Charlie Brown fabric as I did for the postcards.

I am only showing one set here but, I have made a total of five sets. The others are for Easter gifts and are waiting for their owners to recieve them on Sunday at our family get together.  This is will be a great time together as a family as Mike is so much better and is beginning to walk on his own some without the use of a walker. He is making great strides in his recovery and the Dr.s are so pleased and somewhat surprised. We all know that God is still in control of all things even his recovery.
Next up is some pics of my recent finds. Anyonw who knows me knows that I collect milkglass ware and hobnail. Not the fake ( you do have to be careful of just white glass pretending to be milkware) but I came across a really great find a couple of weeks ago and am just now posting about it. I found a set of  scone plates with the cups in mint condition. The set has eight of each plates and the cups. A creamer, sugar bowl and small tray. And a candy dish minus the lid. I liked it so bought it without the lid, at $1.00 I was not going to complain. The other items I paid an outrageously small amount for, so am happy all around. I would like to find a teapot now to go with these. I do know they made them as my mom has a really good friend who is in her late 80's and she has one. So I will continue my search for one and hope to find one sometime in the future. Anyhow, here are my great finds.

Are they not just lovely! I sure do love them and just love adding to my collection. The small tray is just like a larger one that I have that I picked up when I went shopping with my moms friend when she was here back last summer. Slowly but steadily my collection is growing. I recieved a lovely candle stick for Valentines in a swap that I was in and now I am looking for more of those. Anyhow, that is what I have been up to. Hope everyone has a Happy and Blessed Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.



Judy S. said...

Easter blessings to you too, Wendy. With those scone dishes, you are all set for a tea party! Glad to hear Mike is improving so nicely.

Beena said...

Happy easter, to you as well, Wendy!
Love all the great cards. Those shaker cards look like a lot of fun. I especially love the Charlie Brown. And your milk glass set sure was a great find!

God bless you and your family, Wendy!

Miss 376 said...

You've had a great time with all those postcards. Have a great time with the family

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family Wendy. All your Post Cards are great. I love your china finds. Your collection is very lovely. Hugs Judy

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wendy I am totally blown away with your finishes for are one amazing person...Peg OPAM 2010

Cathy said...

I love the shaker postcards. Do you know if they can go through the mail like that without being in an envelope? I send the gds a fabric card each month and like the cancelled postage stamp with the date on it. But I could put the date in the message of the card if it needs an envelope.

Anyway, I'm sure I will be making some shaker cards. Thanks for the great idea.

Seems a lot of cqers collect vintage dishes. I collect depression glass cabbage rose pattern dishes. said...

Cards are beautiful. I received a couple.

I had some of the hobnail milkglass years ago and I dont know what happened to it.

I love it..



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