Saturday, March 20, 2010

Progress on Peacock Block

Yes two posts in one day. I thought the post below was important to do. Now for the crafty fun that this blog is about.

First is my Peacock Splendar block that I am working on. When completed this block will be framed. I love this block and the colors I chose to use. So far all I have added has been the lace and trim. I used some oya lace that I had been saving for something special that Rengin, you can find her here  , made. We did a private swap and this is part of what she sent me. So beautiful, if you like oya lace and flowers you need to visit her blog and then go to her etsy store where she has all kinds of gorgeous oya's for sale. I also have some oya flowers that I will be adding to the block in future days. I like how it is coming along. I used the last of the vintage bead trim that I had on the fan blocks. I think it looks really nice and flashy which is what I am going for since peacocks are flashy in and of themselves.
Next up is the next block in the Heart 3 RR that I am in over at CQI. This block belongs to Diane and she will be framing this block when finished. First pic is of the whole block after my work. There are still two people who will work on Dianes block before it goes home. As it looks now Diane will not have to do any work unless she decides to change something on the block.

The neutral colors of the block was way out of my comfort zone, but I think I did pretty well and I am happy with the results. It seems I am really being stretched in the rr's this time with color being the main element of non-comfort zone. I am open to trying new and growing in that area. Will I ever go pastel or neutral, no way, I love deep jewel tones and brites way too much for that!lol.  At the same time I can appreciate the learning curve of the more for me sedate color families. I'm just a bold kinda gal!lol

Happy Stitching,


Karen said...

Your block is gorgeous!! Love what you have done!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Beautiful stitching Wendy! I love the heart you did on the hearts block and all the things you have done on your peacock block are so cool!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Wendy, Your stitching is soo beautiful, creative and very inspiring. Hugs Judy

Beena said...

The peacock block is absolutely stunning, Wendy!

julietk said...

Beautiful, thankyou for joining my giveway :-)

Barb said...

What beautiful blocks and amazing work!

Fiesta said...

Wendy these blocks are gorgeous. I just started crazy quilting.


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