Friday, March 15, 2013

A Shawl....

I am so chuffed about this shawl. I ran across someone who said that if you are just learning to knit you should do a simple triangle shawl. They are easy and just two stitches involved and they will work up quickly on bigger needles. As many of you know, I have wanted to learn to knit forever and a day. So I purchased a large pair of knitting needles and dug through my thread for a wonderful color. Next was to get clear and concise instructions that I could actually follow.  Now a few days later and I have a shawl!:) It is not overly big, but fits just right on the shoulders for me. Yay for me!!! Can you tell I am super excited about this. I see more of these in my future as I really want to learn to do those pretty shawls that look like lace. This is a big milestone in my quest to knit and I am so proud of this little shawl. Hope to show the crocheted shawl soon as it is working up so pretty.
Happy Stitching,


Jane Galley said...

Well done, Wendy, it's fabulous. Love the colour

Terry said...

It looks wonderful! :0)


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