Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have started another shawl with the thread shown in the post below which I am calling the sherbert shawl. It is a very fine thread  that reminds me of sherbert ice cream and I really like how it is working up on the big needles. I am also using the stitch one then yarn over method on this one. I really like how the edge is looking on this one compared to the first one.
And again I am so in love with this yarn. The photo's are not blurred it is the yarn. It has a high content of wool and is fuzzy to the touch as well as having a fuzzy look to it and is so soft. You will probably get  tired of seeing these shawls popping up on here before it's over with. But I will try and keep it to only one day a week leaving the rest for fun quilty pleasures of course.:) Tomorrow is BaD update, so be looking for some quilty goodness then.
Stitch On,

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Jane Galley said...

It's very pretty, lovely yarn to work with too


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