Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BaD.....Block a Day Challenge

I am late in getting this post up as it should have been posted on Monday. We have been without power because of downed trees from the storms on Monday which caused the power outage all over our community. The power came back on about an hour ago. I am participating in the BaD (block a day) challenge hosted by Daisy from here. You can do any blocks that you want to do as this block challenge is to help get blocks for your projects finished. These are the klosjes that I finished last week. Only six just one shy of my goal, but I am happy with the six that I did finish. And while the power was out I stamped a good supply of them for the next few weeks. All I will have to do is sew them in the coming weeks.
A couple of the other ladies are also making afghans, so I also started an afghan for myself and have 47 rows completed this week. This afghan is 200 stitches in width, so is big. It takes me a while to get to the end of the row. I wanted to be able to snuggle with my fur babies under this one.
I am sure I won't get that many rows done again this week as I won't have as much time as I had last week. This is a good start on this and this will be mine when finished. I have made tons of these over the years, but always give them to someone else. I am loving the colors so far. I still have a few more colors before I start the pattern repeat. Next time I should have the other colors to show.
Keep on stitchin,


Jane Galley said...

You've been busy, it's lovely having these little blocks appearing everyday.

Terry said...

Your blocks look great! And so does your afghan! I love those bright colors! :0)

Robyn G. said...

Loving those gorgeous klosjes Wendy and your beautiful afghan...
Keep up the fabulous work :)

Robyn G. said...

Your afghan and klosjes are gorgeous! Making great progress Wendy :)

Heidi said...

HI Wendy, You won the large glittered eggs from the giveaway on my blog!....Please e-mail me with your address, so I can mail them off to you!.....Heidi XO


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