Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whats On the Hook

I really did not need another new project but I have wanted to make a triangle shawl for some time now. I absolutely love the colorway of this thread. It has a muted look and the colors are so yummy.  I had this sock thread here for a while now and decided that no socks are forthcoming I might as well use the thread for something I will love. These work up really fast and I made this much progress in about twenty minutes today. I hope to have it finished soon if I work on it a little bit each day. Also while out and about these four balls of Lion Brands new Amazing came home with me also (like I needed new thread). This is earmarked for a shawl as well. Is this thread not yummy!
Happy Stitching,


Tudy said...

I love both threads. You will enjoy them when they are finished.

Jane Galley said...

They're pretty. I agree, you'll enjoy using these


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